Emoji based chat game for iOS and Android.



Chat with the world using the universal languages of images: emoji!


  • 👉 mojitxt is similar to texting (SMS) but you can only send emoji characters.
  • ⌨️ some words and phrases typed in your preferred language will be converted to emoji
  • 💬 chat with new friends in the public room
  • 👤 create direct chats with people by pressing on a profile avatar
  • ⭐ earn points for “achievements” such as creating new chats and discovering new emoji phrases
  • 🏆 level-up with enough points and you will earn gems
  • 💎 gems may be used to purchase new profile avatars to to send messages with “premium” characters
  • 📱 available for Android (iOS version coming soon)

Latest Post

Jul 1, 2019

Mojitxt Release 1.0.7

Version 1.0.7 of mojitxt improves the text to emoji translation feature. Now when users type “cheese”, mojitxt will convert it to 🧀 instead of 🍕. There is still plenty of room for improvement and we hope to make it even better in future releases. #mojitxt 1.0.7 released with better text to emoji translations. "Cheese" is now converted to 🧀 rather than 🍕. Install now for iOS and Android to level up your emoji texting skills! Read more